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Purple Visits

We are a social enterprise with a strong focus on using technology to aid in the rehabilitation process. Working alongside the criminal justice system and charitable partners we feel that we can help to revolutionize the way people in custody maintain family ties.

Available To Anyone

With Purple visits any member of the public can now book a visit with their loved one in prison.

Any Device

Purple Visits is compatible with all devices including IOS android and windows.

Over Any Wifi

Our unique compression system means that even people with low speed broadband can use Purple visits.

More Reasons To Use Purple Visits

Its not just about saving money


In visit security features will ensure that a Purple Visit meets your security needs whilst helping people in custody to maintain family ties.


High quality HD visits mean that people having a purple visit feel like they are actually in the same room.

Maintenance Free

The Purple visits terminals have been designed to easily be repaired off site to avoid disruption to your routine.

Custom Built

The Purple Visits system has been developed specifically for the criminal justice sector with both security and efficiency in mind.

Secure Connection

Our military grade security features coupled with a UK based and ISO accredited data centre ensures we can maintain the highest levels of security.

Simple to use

The Purple Visits booking system makes requesting a visit extremely simple for the visitor and equally as simple for your bookings clerk.