Purple Visits, The Ministry of Justice, and HMPPS, all understand the importance of family and face to face communication at this difficult time, which is why they have come together to ensure that throughout the Coronavirus crisis, video calls will be free of charge for both the individual in custody, and the friend or family member.

It’s important to state that the significance of face to face visits is something that can never be undervalued, here at Purple Visits we can fully appreciate that.

Our aim is to increase the pool of family and friends available to access by the prisoner, and make it more straightforward for those who find it difficult to travel due to various reasons, for example illness, or lack of transport.

However, at this current time, with all prisons being closed, and no visits going ahead, the Ministry of Justice understands the importance of breaking that isolation which prisoners are feeling at this current time. This has been the driving force behind their hard work alongside us here at Purple Visits, in a combined effort to make calls free of charge for all participants during this time of crisis.