Purple Visits are delighted to announce that they are now live at HMP Berwyn.

This new, unique video calling service has a mission to improve family connections, have a positive effect on mental health within prisons, whilst keeping the public safe using military-grade security on every call.

The Ministry of Justice have been extremely determined to get this facility up and running, and have worked tirelessly in order to facilitate family contact at this difficult time, where visits have been cancelled for the foreseeable, due to COVID 19.

There has been a tremendous uptake of residents at HMP Berwyn, who are ready to use this exciting new facility, and the extensive testing has shown that this safe, secure service could help to maintain family ties through these unprecedented times.

The value of face to face visiting in normal circumstances, should never be underestimated, however, sometimes it is not possible for family and friends to travel the distance to the prison. Lack of transport, illness, pregnancy, or perhaps friends not wanting to use the precious, limited time residents have for visits, are all reasons for having the availability of an additional video calling service, which aims to expand the pool of family and friends which residents can have communication with.

Purple Visits are incredibly proud to be in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice on this exciting new venture, exploring how technology can help to assist the ease of family contact, which is proven to improve mental health.