Setting up an account

To get started with Purple Visits all you need to do is download the IOS or Android version of the app on the download page.

Once you have downloaded the app you will be asked to register, please ensure that you enter all details exactly how they appear on your ID as these details will be used to verify your identity.

You will be sent an email verification code so please ensure you enter the correct email address when prompted.

Please ensure your ID documents are clear and readable for our system to process your registration.

Photo ID is required by all users over the age of 18. If you do not have any photo ID you may be able to get a citizens card online here:

A selfie is a picture of yourself, you need to take a selfie during the verification process in order to register for Purple Visits. Please ensure you take your selfie with a plain and clear background just like you are taking a passport photo.

To remove your account, go to the app's "My Account" area, then locate and select "Delete Account." This action requires confirmation, after which your account enters a "disabled" state, prohibiting further video call requests or bookings. Although establishments you've interacted with can still access your personal data for 93 days, it will be permanently erased from the system afterward. While your ID, photo, and address proof will be deleted, your account details are retained for six years in compliance with UK company law. To access the data which we hold for you please submit a right of access request form available here.

Verifying your identity

When you first open a Purple Visits account you will be asked to verify your identity using a government issued photo ID. It should only take a minute or two to upload your documents within the app and then our system will verify you within 48 hours. (It’s usually much quicker)

Once you have verified your email address you will then be asked to provide Government issued Photo ID. Acceptable identification documents generally include one of the following:

  • Passport (including foreign passports. Some establishments will also accept time expired passports where the photograph is still recognisable)
  • Photographic driving licence
  • Citizens card (you can get one of these here:

The first thing to do is to take a clear image of the ID you have chosen to use, please ensure all 4 corners of the ID are visible and your image along with any text on the ID can clearly be seen.

Next up, you will be required to provide some proof of address, a recent utility bill or bank statement that clearly shows your name and address will be fine here.

Now for the last step, simply take a “selfie” image, you need to take a picture of yourself in front of a clear background just like you are taking a new passport photo. Guidance on taking a good “selfie” image for your Purple Visits account can be found on the Adding your ID help page.

Once you have provided your ID the system will need to verify your account, this can take upto 48 hours (however its usually much quicker) please note that updating your details during this time will result in your ID verification process restarting which may mean a longer wait!

Once the account is verified you will get a notification and an email letting you know. If your account is not verified for any reason the system will let you know what the issue is and you can re-submit your ID for verification.

Adding & Managing Contacts

Within the purple visits video calling app you add your loved ones in custody under the term “contact”. So when we ask you to “add a contact” this means we need you to add the person in custody that you would like to have a video call with.

When adding a contact to your contacts list within the app it’s vital that you enter the contacts prison number correctly. Their prison number is a unique number allocated to them when they enter the justice system.

When adding a contact you are asked to select their prison from a drop down menu. If your contact moves prison simply “edit” your contact and select their new prison from the drop down menu.

The prison list that is shown is a list of all prisons that offer purple visits currently. If your contacts prison is not yet on the list please contact the prison for more information.

Additional Participants

Additional Participants are people that you would like to be included on your Purple Visits video call with you.

Any additional participant over the age of 18 will require ID and this will be checked by the system just as your ID was. If your additional participant is under the age of 18 then ID is not required by the system however the individual prison may request that you supply this on a case by case basis.

You can add an unlimited number of additional participants to your account however only 3 addtional participants can be approved onto a Purple Visits video call. (that means 4 of you in total)

Requesting a Purple Visits video call

Each establishment have their own set of criteria in terms of video calling, please contact them for more information. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic video calls will be limited to one call per month to ensure everyone can be included.

If the establishment allows members of the public to request Purple Visits video calls you will be able to make these requests directly through the mobile app.

  1. Tap on the “Request Video Call” tab from the in app menu and the select your contact.
  2. If the establishment allows you to request a call you will then be asked to select a date and slot that you require. This video call request will be reviewed by a member of the team within the establishment and then hopefully approved.
  3. If however the establishment that your contact is in doesn’t accept video call requests you will need to ask your contact to request the video call from within the establishment itself (just as they would request a social visit)
  4. Purple Visits do not control the video call availability so please get in touch with the establishment directly to discuss any issues you may have.

Having a Video Call

Once you have an approved video call booked in you will be able to see the details of this under the “My Video Calls” tab in the menu bar of the mobile app.

A few minutes before your purple visits video call is about to start select the call from the list of approved calls and then tap the “Enter waiting room” button.

You will need to take a selfie to pass through pre call security but please remember that ONLY the main participant should be visible in this selfie.

Once you’re passed security you will see a grey button that will turn purple once your contact has logged in from inside the prison.

Purple Visits is a secure and compliant video calling platform which in order for prisons to maintain they duty of protecting the public have a number of security features in place. To make the most of your in call experience please place your device onto a stable surface and ensure you have plenty of battery life and a stable WIFI connection. Also using a headset will provide you with the best possible experience in terms of sound during your call.

You should sit directly in front of the device and try to avoid moving around too much, think of it like you are reading the news! Any additional participants that have been approved onto the call should (when they wish to) be in full view of the camera as partial faces may result in the call being paused.

If for any reason during your video call you are asked to re-verify your identity, please make sure that you re-verify ONLY THE MAIN USER and not any additional participants even if they are approved onto the call.

All Purple Visits video calls are booked in advance as this helps prison / hospital staff to ensure that their residents can be taken to a Purple Visits terminal within the establishment. If you are not going to be able to attend you should as soon as possible hit the “cancel” button located within the “My Video Calls” section of the app.

This will notify bookings team within the establishment so that your loved one is not waiting for a call that will not take place.

Yes, you certainly can! The unique compression techniques employed by the Purple Visits video calling system allows for high quality video calling over 4G as well as WIFI.

As mentioned under the “what is the best way to have a Purple Visits video call” question, the Purple Visits platform is a secure platform to help prisons in their efforts to protect the public. This means at all times the system needs to be sure that only verified participants are present on the video call. If you have something covering your face like hair or even a splash of light from a window the system may fail to recognise you which would cause the call to pause. The best way to avoid this is to place your device on a stand or solid surface and sit infront of the camera just like you’re reading the news.

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