Please take note of the images below and ensure the image you take during the verification process is taken in a well-lit room with your full face in focus.

Government Issued ID

You can verifiy your new Purple Visits account using the following photo ID types:

When taking the image of your Government issued ID you will need to ensure that all four corners of the document and the photo are clearly visible in the picture, if the image is blurry the system will not be able to verify your account. (so just use the "re-take picture" button.)


Utility Bill

As well as your form of photo ID we will also need to confirm your address by using a recent utility bill, this can be a bank statement, water bill, council tax bill, etc. The bill needs to be in your name at your address. Please ensure when taking the image of the bill that the full document is in the image and your name and address are not obscured in any way. You can also use your Driving licence as your proof of address too, for example you could use your Drivers licence as both your photo ID and your utility bill.

Taking your Selfie Photo

The third image you need to take to verifiy your account is a selfie, A selfie is a picture of yourself.

Please take your selfie image in front of a clear background just like you're taking a new picture for your passport. See the images above for more guidance on what will be accepted by the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions on Adding your ID.

When you first open a Purple Visits account you will be asked to verify your identity using a government issued photo ID. It should only take a minute or two to upload your documents within the app and then our system will verify you within 48 hours. (It’s usually much quicker)

Once you have verified your email address you will then be asked to provide Government issued Photo ID. Acceptable identification documents generally include one of the following:

  • Passport (including foreign passports. Some establishments will also accept time expired passports where the photograph is still recognisable)
  • Photographic driving licence
  • Citizens card (you can get one of these here:

The first thing to do is to take a clear image of the ID you have chosen to use, please ensure all 4 corners of the ID are visible and your image along with any text on the ID can clearly be seen.

Next up, you will be required to provide some proof of address, a recent utility bill or bank statement that clearly shows your name and address will be fine here.

Now for the last step, simply take a “selfie” image, you need to take a picture of yourself in front of a clear background just like you are taking a new passport photo. Guidance on taking a good “selfie” image for your Purple Visits account can be found on the Adding your ID help page.

Once you have provided your ID the system will need to verify your account, this can take upto 48 hours (however its usually much quicker) please note that updating your details during this time will result in your ID verification process restarting which may mean a longer wait!

Once the account is verified you will get a notification and an email letting you know. If your account is not verified for any reason the system will let you know what the issue is and you can re-submit your ID for verification.