Any unauthorised participants will not be permitted onto a Purple Visits call and attempting to have unauthorised participants on the call may result in a ban from using the service.

How to Add an Additional Participant

To add an additional visitor, tap on the Additional Participants tab in the menu within the purple visits app and then tap on the + symbol found in the top right corner.

Please enter all details required about your additional participant making sure all of the details are double checked before hitting the Next button.

Additional participants will require photo ID just as you needed when opening your account, this ID should be clear and easily visible by the system to ensure it is verified without any issues.

If your additional participant is under the age of 18 you may not have to supply ID, however please note that if you choose the "Verify with Selfie" option the prison may request further information from you before booking you onto a Purple Visits video call.

They will request this information via the Purple Visits mobile app.

Remember, when taking the selfie image your additional participant must be in-front of a clear background and just like they are taking a new passport photo.

How to Add Additional ID at the establishments request

If you have opted to use just a "selfie" image to verify your additional participant please note some establishments may require additional ID before they can be included on a Purple Visits video call.

If this is the case the prison will send you an email requesting it, All you need to do is open the Purple Visits app and tap on the "Additional Participants" tab.

Select the Additional Participant that the prison require additional ID for and select the "update ID Documents" button.

You will now be asked to verify your additional participant using "Government issued ID" ID types that are acceptable are;

When taking the image of their Government issued ID you will need to ensure that all four corners of the document and the photo are clearly visible in the picture, if the image is blurry the system will not be able to verify your account. (so just use the "re-take picture" button.)

Taking their Selfie Photo

The next image you need to take to verifiy your account is a selfie, A selfie is a picture of your additional participant.

Please take their selfie image in front of a clear background just like you're taking a new picture for their passport. See the images here for more guidance on what will be accepted by the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions on Adding Additional Participants.

Additional Participants are people that you would like to be included on your Purple Visits video call with you.

Any additional participant over the age of 18 will require ID and this will be checked by the system just as your ID was. If your additional participant is under the age of 18 then ID is not required by the system however the individual prison may request that you supply this on a case by case basis.

You can add an unlimited number of additional participants to your account however only 3 addtional participants can be approved onto a Purple Visits video call. (that means 4 of you in total)