To add a contact tap on the My Contacts tab and then click the + button at the top right-hand corner.

You can now add a profile image of your contact (if you have one) before entering the rest of your contacts information. Please ensure that the prison number you enter here is correct otherwise the prison will not be able to book you onto a video call.

You need to now select the prison that your contact is in. If the prison that your contact is in is not displayed on this list, then the prison unfortunately is not currently offering video calls.

Please give the prison a call and ask them when they will be going live with the service.

You can edit these details later if for example your contact moves to a different establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions on Adding a Contact.

Within the purple visits video calling app you add your loved ones in custody under the term “contact”. So when we ask you to “add a contact” this means we need you to add the person in custody that you would like to have a video call with.

When adding a contact to your contacts list within the app it’s vital that you enter the contacts prison number correctly. Their prison number is a unique number allocated to them when they enter the justice system.

When adding a contact you are asked to select their prison from a drop down menu. If your contact moves prison simply “edit” your contact and select their new prison from the drop down menu.

The prison list that is shown is a list of all prisons that offer purple visits currently. If your contacts prison is not yet on the list please contact the prison for more information.