Who We Are

Purple Visits have developed a system whereby any member of the public can easily access visits with their friends and family that they would otherwise be unable to attend.

The fully encrypted video visits that we provide have military grade security features that not only ensure prison security is adhered to and upheld but its done in a way that is seamless to both the visitor and the person in custody.When on a Purple Visit, visitors can remain comfortable within their own surroundings and save both time and money when it comes to long distance travel or childcare.

The purple visits booking system can be easily used by your team with no training needed and has been praised by prison officers for its easy of use and simplicity whilst taking into account all of the required information to book a social visit. If you would like to find out more about how Purple visits can help your establishment offer virtual visits please contact us.

History of technology within the UK Prison system

The Importance of Purple Visits

family ties may benefit not only prisoners but also society as a whole , given that the majority of prisoners families are profoundly motivated to help men serving sentence’s to a better life for themselves free from offending patterns
Dr Helen CoddPrincipal Lecturer in Law
Imprisonment is associated with a range of unavoidable harms such as the rupturing of community and famile ties the goal of the prison system must be to anticipate these harms and soften their impacted while not adding to them
Professor Ian O'DonnellUCD School Of Law